Announcing the Hastings Privacy and Technology Project

Hastings is proud to announce the launch of the Privacy and Technology Project (Project) and the launch of the Project‘s writings on the HSTLJ blog.  The Project engages in a variety of initiatives, including applied research projects and events.  As part of our activities, the Project will be posting content regularly on the Hastings Science & Technology Journal’s blog. These posts will cover a range of topics, including, but not limited to, international issues surrounding privacy and technology, commentary on cutting edge issues and proposed legislation, opinion pieces, book and article reviews, and other topics that touch upon privacy and technology. Our goal is to contribute to the growing discourse on privacy and technology.

The Project’s mantra is Empowering Individuals to Protect Their Data with Implementable Solutions.  The Project pursues this goal by advocating a technical and paradigmatic shift to forge collaboration between those who develop the technology and those who craft the legal regimes that incentivize and shape those developments.

Operating at the intersection of technology and the law, our audience includes attorneys, technologists, policy makers, not-for profits, and society at large. Equally important, because our work focuses on implementable solutions, we strive to work with established companies, startups, government entities, and other organizations in the field.  As a result, the Project speaks to a wide ranging audience.

Finally, the Project would like to thank HSTLJ for allowing us to use their blog as a platform. And, we would like to thank Hastings for its support.

For more information about the Project please visit our website or contact the Executive Director .

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About Charles Belle

Charles Belle received both his AB (Economics and Political Science) and AM (International Relations) from the University of Chicago. Following graduate school, he was a technology consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton in the Modeling and Simulation Group. A graduate of Hastings, he concentrated in Intellectual Property, has published a paper on declaratory judgment in patent litigation, interned at the Center for Democracy &Technology, and co-founded and served as Editor-in-Chief of the Hastings Science & Technology Law Journal (now the first peer reviewed law journal at Hastings).

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