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The Science and Technology Law Journal is a peer reviewed scholarly periodical whose aim is to enrich the discourse among and between legal professionals, academics, and scientists operating at the nexus of law and the sciences. The Journal is pleased to consider unsolicited submissions for publication, so long as they are relevant to the fields of focus that the Journal serves.

We accept submissions via email, or through the ExpressO online submission delivery service. Additionally, you can submit your work through this page by filling out the form below.

In the interest of preventing waste and protecting our natural resources, we ask that you do not send us submissions via postal mail.


Submissions must be double-spaced, formatted for 8.5" x 11" paper, and use Times New Roman or a similar font. Citations in footnote style are preferred, and must conform to the 19th Edition of The Bluebook (2010).

All submissions must be accompanied by a brief abstract and a resume or curriculum vitae for all named authors. A cover letter is also recommended.

Acceptance Procedure

As a peer reviewed legal journal, our acceptance process is two-tiered. All submissions are reviewed by our submissions committee, and are evaluated based on their content, quality of writing, methodology, potential impact, and relevance to the Journal's area of focus.

Authors of those pieces that the committee selects are then contacted by the Journal to advise them that their work has been selected for peer review. A group of peer reviewers are selected for their familiarity with the topics discussed by the article, and the piece is advanced to them for a double-blind peer review process. Once the peer review is completed, the author will be contacted with the results as well as any feedback from the reviewers. It as at this point that an offer to publish may be extended.

For more information about the Science and Technology Law Journal's peer review process and methodology, please see our review procedure.

Expedited Review

In the event an author is presented with a deadline from another publication, the Journal will be happy to provide an expedited review of the article, time and manpower permitting. To request an expedited review, please either email us at, or contact us by phone at (415) 320-7855. Expedite requests must include the author's name, the title of the article, the name(s) of the offering journal(s), and the deadline date.

Please note that while we can expedite the first stage of our submissions process, we are unable to expedite the peer review process in most circumstances.

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